Glassware Offer at $2.00 only – Singapore Warehouse Sale

March Madness $2 Per Glass Sale

  1. Spiegelau Adina Cordial / Sherry 193mm Qty: 11pcs
  2. Spiegelau Adina Pilsner 205mm Qty: 99pcs
  3. Spiegelau Beer Classics Tall Pilsner 0.33L 2pc set Qty: 224pcs
  4. Spiegelau Beer Classics Tall Pilsner 0.33L 6pc set Qty: 96pcs
  5. Spiegelau Beer Classics Wheat Beer 0.5L 2pc Tube Qty: 172pcs
  6. Spiegelau Soiree Burgundy 196mm Qty: 102pcs
  7. Spiegelau Soiree Champagne Flute 226mm Qty: 350pcs
  8. Spiegelau Soiree Martini 148mm Qty: 42pcs
  9. Spiegelau Soiree Mineral Water 154mm Qty: 115pcs
  10. Spiegelau Soiree Pilsner 168mm Qty: 233pcs
  11. Spiegelau Soiree Port 182mm Qty: 90pcs
  12. Spiegelau Soiree Sherry 177mm Qty: 87pcs
  13. Spiegelau Soiree White Wine 194mm Qty: 2pcs
  14. Spiegelau Taverna Red Wine Qty: 21pcs
  15. Spiegelau Venus Champagne (2pcs gift box) Qty: 458pcs
  16. Spiegelau Vino Grande Beer 220mm 0.3L Qty: 3pcs
  17. Spiegelau Vino Grande Martini 174mm Qty: 151pcs
  18. Spiegelau Vino Grande Mineral Water 164mm Qty: 50pcs
  19. Spiegelau Vino Grande Pilsner 178mm Qty: 158pcs
  20. Spiegelau Vino Grande White Wine Small 197mm Qty: 5pcs
  21. Nachtmann Julia Paola Stemmed Pilsner 134mm Qty: 122pcs

Used Glasses
*Does not come in boxes

  1. Spiegelau Authentis Champagne Flute 225mm (Used) Qty: 1235pcs
  2. Spiegelau Authentis Mineral Water Blue 184mm (Used) Qty: 95pcs
  3. Schott Zwiesel Convention Flute Champagne 177mm (Used) Qty: 604pcs
Chateau Laguiole Corkscrews
Chateau Laguiole Corkscrew

Email all orders to

Singapore: 15 Little Road #02-01, Singapore 536988 | Tel: +65 6299 9300 | Fax: +65 6299 6200


Prepayment is required to secure order. All sales are final and non-refundable or returnable.
Delivery charges of $35 apply; waived on orders above $350.

6 thoughts on “Glassware Offer at $2.00 only – Singapore Warehouse Sale”

  1. Hi there,

    for the $2 dollars glass, can do cash and carry? I don’t mind to come down to take a look and buy on the spot as there are too many selection.

    1. Hi Francis, of course you can visit our warehouse at Little Road.
      Cash and carry is prefered. Loh, will be there to assist you.

  2. Hello there, do you still have burgundy glasses in stock as well for this deal? And wonder if I can visit the warehouse to see and purchase.

    Thanks for your response in advance!

    1. Hi Lin, yes you are welcome to visit our warehouse on 15 Little Road, #02-01
      Singapore 536988
      Please whatsapp me +6598364889 to arrange an appointment before visiting 🙂

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