Saluting our Logistics Team and Corporate Distancing

We would like to take a moment to salute our logistics team; Our Heroes, who continue our operations at Taste of Tradition.

While the rest of us, are now working from home; attending to customers and taking orders online and on the phone. Our logistics team continues to deliver 6 days a week.
We reorganized our operations, to keep our Pick & Pack team separate from our Delivery team, working in segregated spaces, and keeping in contact online. To further avoid external contact, we have put in place a new set of procedures including extending our company trucks, so that they avoid taking public transportation.
It is our priority to continue to support our heroes, the best, who keep goods flowing and your orders fulfilled in cold chain (12-15°C), keeping everyone safe; Distance Observed. Our team maintains high-sanitary standards, and safe-work practices, following all directives from MOH and MOM during this COVID-19 situation.
We are in this together and we thank you for your support!

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