Granny’s Curry Powder

We have taken a traditional Peranakan recipe passed down from Emil’s grandmother, Tan Bee Luan, and combined it with a personal interest in capturing the essence of every ingredient that goes into it, going beyond taste alone; we refreshed it with Emil’s philosophy and approach to food excellence gleaned from his experience in the wine business.

Made with the purest of ingredients, all the spices are preservative, pesticide and chemical-free. The signature blend is ground and hand-mixed in small batches for freshness and guarantees the distinctive flavours and aromas they ought to have, and to top it off, comes in recyclable packaging.

We delved into origins and harvesting of each spice or herb dried, cured or matured before it is ready for use and studied how the compounds in each ingredient affect us. Its most basic form of goodness for the body.

Previously, Emil kept the house stocked with curry powder buying spices from the merchants in Little India, sun-dried at home and then sent to the mill; it would be repacked at home and distributed among his family. His father performed the ritual before him. His grandmother, showed Emil how this was done, distributing it to her 13 children and her relatives.

We hope that you enjoy Granny’s Curry Powder as much as we have enjoyed re-creating it. She would have been 110 this year, and we are proud to say, this is a product she would have approved of.