Granny's Curry Powder sachet in box, ariel top down view

Granny’s Curry Powder Giveaway

Direct Message us on Instagram or Facebook and try a FREE sample now.

How to participate if you are entering the giveaway from…

1. LIKE our Facebook Page
2. SHARE the Giveaway Post & TAG @grannyscurrypowder (Post set to Public so that I can react to the shared post)
3. PM us your name & FULL home address

1. FOLLOW @grannyscurrypowder IG account
2. SCREENSHOT our Giveaway Story (Click link here)
3. SHARE to your IG Story & TAG @grannyscurrypowder
3. DM us your name & FULL home address

Terms & Conditions Apply
Must complete all steps to be eligible
Only one home address per social account
We do not accept giveaway accounts
Free sample will be mailed by Singpost, FOC 🙂

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    1. Hi Low, please Direct Message us your name and address to

      We will mail it to you.

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